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  • Absolutely NO alcohol, caffeine (there is still caffeine in decaf coffee, tea and chocolate) vitamin-e, steroid medication, supplements, stimulants and any blood thinning medications such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen(Advil), Niacin 48 hours prior to your appointment. If you take a prescription blood thinner and would like to have this treatment, please see your physician first to determine if it is safe for you to stop your medication for the preceding 48 hours.

  • Exfoliate scalp and apply non-perfumed moisturizer (i.e. Lubriderm etc.) DAILY for 7 days prior, up until the night before your appointment.

  • No active exercise 12 hours prior to your appointment.

  • Do not take omegas or fish oils 5 days prior to your appointment.

  • Do not shave scalp with a razor within 24hrs prior to your appointment.

  • No use of hair growth serums, shampoos or lotions 4 weeks prior and at least 4 weeks after your last SMP session.

  • For full scalp clients, shave head with a coil machine or trimmer on a #1 setting prior to your appointment.

  • For density clients make sure you come to the treatment having washed your hair in advance, as you will not be able to do so after. Also, make sure you don’t have any significant events planned for a few days after your treatment.


It is important to carefully follow the aftercare instructions for optimal healed results. 

Results cannot be determined until your final touch up appointment is completed and healed. Adjustments are made along the way such as colour and density with each procedure. The process is intentionally slow to ensure proper shading and density are used that best work for you and your scalp.


Days 1-4

Cleanse treatment area with Aftercare WIPES using a light patting motion, 24hrs post procedure. Allow area to air dry, then apply THIN coat of Microbalm. For the next 3 days cleanse and apply balm as directed above 2x daily (morning and night). Never apply balm without cleansing first. Avoid getting the treatment area wet during this time.

Days 5-14

On the fifth day post procedure, GENTLY wash your scalp with foaming Aftercare SOAP 1-2x daily, avoiding any vigorous motions or rubbing on the tattooed area. RINSE THOROUGHLY with COOL water and gently pat your scalp dry with a clean towel and apply THIN coat of Microbalm.


  • Avoid touching your scalp as to not spread bacteria and avoid infection, ALWAYS wash your hands before cleansing and applying Aftercare balm. DO NOT wear a hat immediately after your SMP procedure.

  • No direct sun or tanning beds, soaps, shampoo, conditioner, serums, excessive sweating, saunas, hot tubs and swimming until the area is completely healed. Usually 7-10 days. Excessive sweating before this time will REMOVE the pigment from your scalp.

  • Do not rub, pick or traumatize the treatment area while it is healing, as you may remove pigment in the process.

  • To prevent future premature fading or pigment, it is highly recommended to use a total sunblock on the scalp when exposed to the sun.

  • Refrain from using products that contain AHA's (retinolglycol acid etc.) on the procedure area as these will fade your colour.

  • No use of hair growth serums, shampoos or lotions between sessions and at least 4 weeks after your last SMP session.

If you are experiencing any itching, swelling, blistering, tenderness, excessive redness, pain, fever or any other complication post-procedure, please stop using any product, contact me and consult your physician immediately.

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