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Scalp Micropigmentation (commonly known as SMP) is the #1 most natural solution to restore advanced hair loss, complete baldness, and eliminate the appearance of scars.



The SMP process is completed by using a micropigmentation machine with carbon based pigment to implant thousands of micro sized needle impressions onto the scalp, replicating the exact appearance of shaved hair (stubble or follicles). This process typically takes 3 sessions to complete, during which time a new custom hairline (natural receding, round, barber style edge up etc.) is made and density is built up on the scalp. The first session the impressions are spaced about quarter an inch apart. The second session (7-10 days later) more impressions are made in between the previous ones. The third session (2-3 weeks later) more impressions are made in between to tighten up the micropigmentation spacing giving it a full dense look. Using this technique of building the density over three sessions results in the natural realistic look of a full head of shaved hair. When blending into the actual real hair the

impressions are broken up and faded out to create a perfectly seamless blend all over the scalp. This can also be used to fully treat Alopecia Areata as well as Alopecia Totalis.

Scalp Micropigmentation is virtually maintenance free! It can last up to 5 years from your initial session, but as it naturally fades a touch-up is recommended to balance it out and bring it back to that freshly shaved look, approximately every one to two years.

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