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  • Absolutely NO alcohol, caffeine (there is still caffeine in decaf coffee, tea and chocolate) vitamin-e, steroid medication, supplements, stimulants and any blood thinning medications such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen(Advil), Niacin for a FULL 24 hours prior to your appointment. 

  • If you are on blood thinning medication for previous or current conditions, please let us know immediately and kindly consult your physician prior to your appointment. Having this procedure done while taking blood thinners can cause excessive bleeding during the appointment which will reduce the amount of pigment implantation and retention,   potentially alter your pigment colour and also delay healing which can risk poor retention and possible scarring.

  • If you have EVER had a cold sore, you MUST obtain a course of antiviral medication (Zovirax, Valtrax etc.) prescribed by a physician or pharmacist for at least 4 days, starting the day before the procedure. Even if you have never had a cold sore it is highly recommended that you also take the antiviral medication, as you may still be a carrier and it's possible that this procedure may trigger an outbreak. 

  • No active exercise 12 hours prior to your appointment.

  • Avoid any type of facial, chemical peel, microneedling, microdermabrasion, laser treatments etc. 4 weeks prior, and heavy sunlight (tanning or sunburnt) 1 week prior. Your skin should not be going through a healing process prior to your appointment.

  • Avoid getting lip filler 60 days prior to your appointment, and wait 6 weeks after your 8-12 week touch up to get filler post procedure.

  • Please note that it is possible to have poor colour retention in lips that have had collagen injections within 60 days of their appt and within a year of Restylane. There is also the risk of pigment migration along the lip line if you have had Restylane.

  • Avoid Botox anywhere around the lip area 4 weeks prior to your appointment. 

  • Lightly exfoliate and moisturize (chap stick) your lips daily 2 weeks prior to appt. ESPECIALLY if you are prone to dry lips.

  • Discontinue use of skincare with active ingredients such as Retin-A, Retinol, Glycolic Acid, Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) around the lip area 2 weeks prior.



Proper aftercare, especially over the next 10 days is crucial in determining the healing, colour retention, final appearance and longevity of your lip blush.

At first your lips will appear more bold than usual over the next few days. After your procedure, your lips may darken and the skin may feel tighter. This is totally normal, around 3-5 days, you may notice some flaking/shedding of the skin on your lips. when the skin flakes off, many times the pigment may disappear! This is NORMAL! this is because there is still a thick layer of protective skin creating a veil over the pigment. Once you go through a skin regrowth cycle (4-6 weeks) the pigment will typically reappear but will be about 30-50% lighter than it was immediately after the procedure. That's why a Touch-Up session is necessary to perfect your lips.


Blot your lips with clean tissue every 5 minutes to remove excess lymph fluid until the oozing has stopped. If the oozing dries on the lips it will create scabbing and your lips will peel and flake like crazy!

You may use ice packs 3-4 times for 15 minute spurts in the first 24hrs to reduce swelling if needed.

Drink from a straw and avoid spicy, salty, hot or acidic food for the first 5 days.

Apply a thin layer of Aftercare Balm as needed to keep lips hydrated.

Coat your lips with Aftercare Balm before brushing your teeth, only using a small amount of toothpaste for the first few days. No mouthwash.

After the healing period, always use a sunblock or lip balm with SPF to protect from sun fading.

Hydrate yourself from the inside out! Drink lots of water to help with healing.


Do not use a washcloth, pick or scratch tattooed area.

Do not use steam, sauna, hot tub or swim for 10 days.

No excessive sweating or exercise for 1 week.

Do not put makeup or apply any products other that the supplied Aftercare Balm to your lips for 10 days.

Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for 10 days.

Do not whiten your teeth during the first 10 days of healing.

Allergic reaction or infection is rare. However, if any signs or symptoms develop such as fever, redness at the site, excessive swelling, tenderness or heat from the procedure site, red streaks going from the procedure site towards the heart, and/or any green/yellow discharge that is foul in odour, contact a physician immediately.

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