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Are you unhappy with the look of your previous microblading or permanent makeup on your brows?

Whether your pigment has changed colour, you don't like the shape, your brows are too saturated, or even if a freshly microbladed or tattooed brow turns out completely wrong and you're in need of emergency removal, I can help!

Botched Ink® is a saline solution that closely resembles the skins natural pH, this means it’s gentle on the skin. During treatment there’s no lingering burn or sting, just a short mild sting towards the end of the treatment, and this lets us know we’ve soaked the skin sufficiently for the best removal. Botched Ink® quickly dries out the treated area, and any pigment healed into that skin; pigment is then lifted and removed during the skins natural healing process. Botched Ink® causes minimal inflammation or irritation, so the healing process it pretty non-eventful. There’s a bonus too,

Botched Ink Saline Tattoo Removal

a Botched Ink® dried out skin scab is shades of brown, a great colour for eyebrows - You might even get complimented on your new brows! 

Any kind of tattoo removal is a process and Botched Ink® is no different. Although we’ve seen some great results after just one session, most clients will see improvements after 2-3 sessions. It’s worth mentally and financially committing to a course of 3 treatments before starting, and during the consultation we can assess how easily the pigment is likely to remove from your skin. While we can’t give you an exact number of sessions to fully remove unwanted pigment, you’ll be able to understand the removal process and know what you’re in for. We find this so helps our clients 

Botched Ink® can also be used to safely lift unwanted SMP as well as lip tattooing that has gone beyond the vermillion border (natural border of the lip).

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